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Why choose WellO2 - Nordic Steam Breathing?

WellO2 is designed and developed in Scandinavia. More than 50.000 families have chosen to invest in this, non-medical and for home usage family shared device WellO Breathing is based on natural and sustainable breathing, using steam (from normal tap water), that is heated up to 45c-55c-65c - which helps to cleanse and clear your airways from mucus and other particles. The combination of resistance muscle training (RMT), both for inhale and exhalation makes this patented product quite unique The brand owners in Finland are currently participating in clinical studies for both Asthma, COPD and also Athlete's improved lung capacity. These studies will be ready by Q1 2021 We have secured an exclusive first batch for AU/NZ customers in 2020 and orders are ready for dispatch from November 2020. Please read what the first Australian Trial group (Sept-Oct 2020): The WellO2 package (A$399) comes with - Power base - AU/NZ cable - Three (3) mouthpieces - Breathing regulator - Extension hose - Nasal mask - Instructions for use - 24 months warranty - Manufactured in Europe (EU) WellO2 is a perfect gift for someone you care extra for Breathe Better - Feel Better! WellO2 Family Device Respiratory Health Lung exercise Nordic Steam Breathing

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