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​Through my healing massage and bodywork sessions, I help people to release built-up tension and emotional and physical stress so they can effectively experience greater vitality and function. Combining Chi Nei Tsang bodywork techniques with energy healing, I gently unwind deep patterns of tension in your nervous system, enabling your body to rest, integrate and flow with greater chi (life-force energy). Benefits include pain relief, improved moods and sleep, an improved ability to focus, a reduction in stress, greater vitality and energy and feelings of peace and wellbeing. The treatment incorporates blissful massage to melt stresses and calm your entire system, leaving you feeling recharged and lighter in mind and body. As a trained coach and counsellor, I can offer guidance and practical tips around challenging life situations if required. I also offer 'Nurture Your Senses' - a powerful massage and bodywork treatment for men incorporating soothing massage and healing touch to empower greater vitality and levels of wellbeing. WHAT MY CLIENTS SAY ABOUT MY SESSIONS "I went along for a session with Tracy and was amazed at how accurately she somehow knew, or could sense, where the tension points and lines were and exactly how much pressure and focus to use to shift and heal the physical pain. It was almost uncanny. My arm was so much better afterwards when nothing else has seemed to help at all." Arven A "Thanks so much for today. I just melted. So what I needed and more. The pain in my legs is easing. So much gratitude for your help, support and healing." Christina S. "You have a magnificent gift. As an older man, I thought things were over for me, I have passed all that, but I felt things in that session that I haven't felt in a long time. After the last session, I was feeling great for many days afterwards. Your sessions have really helped and I so lucky to have found you. I feel better about myself and my life. I am less self-conscious and just happier in general." Simon P. ​ "Tracy is a gifted healer and body worker extraordinaire! She creates and holds a safe and nurturing space to dive deep into your own healing journey. I would definitely recommend a session with Tracy." Nicola V. "​Amazing insight and awareness of my body! Would love further sessions please!” Casey C. “That was magnificent! Such a big release and weight off my shoulders.” Sammy T. "I visited Tracy a week ago and can't wait to visit her again! The calm and warm approach that Tracy offered ensured that I relaxed immediately and during the session I relaxed even further. I told Tracy that I felt a love for myself afterward and a reassurance that I was hoping for. Even my partner saw the difference in me immediately! I can't wait to visit her again soon!!" Ben B.

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