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Why choose Tight Fitness Solutions?

Tight Fitness Solutions' is a Gold Coast personal training company that offers excelled performance in all areas of fitness, fat loss, strength and conditioning, athletic performance and Injury rehabilitation. We incorporate the Poliquin Bio Signature method into our clients ‘results packs' to ensure correct programming for nutrition, training and life style to create a healthier, fitter, stronger version of yourself. REMEMBER, NOT ALL PERSONAL TRAINERS ARE CREATED EQUAL. Tight Fitness Solutions specialises in Hormone Balancing nutrition and training protocols and offers the most effective FAT LOSS/MUSCLE GAIN systems possible. This is the next level in optimal body composition, health and well-being. Tight Fitness offers a unique blend of private, semi private and group personal training systems that most professional trainers, unfortunately have never even heard of. This unique blend of systems will reduce fat on your body like crazy and keep it off! It's done by CONTROLLING HORMONES like INSULIN, CORTISOL and ESTROGEN and the Poliquin Bio Signature system is used to control these factors. Poliquin Bio signature is a scientific look at hormones and how to manage hormonal imbalances to reduce fat off your body and gain lean muscle mass FAST while maintaining your health as top priority. TFS IS DIFFERENT Forget what you know about personal training and under qualified, run of the mill, minimally qualified Personal Trainers. Tyrone Jensen is a fully qualified Bio Signature Practitioner, certified Metabolic Nutritionist, certified Australian Strength and Conditioning Coach and nationally accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach with the Poliquin Strength institute in the United States. He uses functional medicine testing as a scientific approach to hormones and how the body functions to stimulate rapid fat loss, strength and lean muscle gains. It is methodology to quantify your exact body composition goals. Every thing is measured and planned to forecast the results you want. NO GUESS WORK, NO BLIND FAITH. It's a system of synergistic nutrition, strength training and supplementation. As a side effect of a nutritious diet and strength training, it is not uncommon for my clients to drop anywhere between 4-6kg and 4% body fat while gaining 2-3kg of lean muscle mass in just 1 month of training with Tight Fitness Solutions and Tyrone.

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