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If you're just starting out but want to have the confidence to take on the world... If you're lacking muscle tone and strength but want to have a body that commands attention and respect... If you're tight and sore now but want to bulletproof yourself against aches and pains later... Then you need to sign up for The SuperHero Body Challenge! The SuperHero Body Challenge is a 48-week, online training and accountability protocol, dedicated to helping regular people look and feel like superheroes. Use this link to book in for a free consultation to see if The SuperHero Body Challenge is right for you: *Before booking a consultation please ensure you meet this checklist: - You are mentally ready to start exercising - You are mentally ready to schedule a 45-minute workout into your day - You are financially prepared to invest into yourself - You have no current injuries - You have access to a skipping rope and pair of adjustable dumbells or a gym membership - You like the idea of strength training - You like the idea of having a coach and support group to keep you accountable - You like the idea of having a program take out all of the guesswork of what exercises to do and when - You like the idea of having to buy new clothes to fit your new shape as your body transforms Thank you, I look forward to speaking with you! Coach Landon

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