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Who is the Flexibility Whisperer? I hate stretching, I mean I really hate stretching. As a young man it was the one aspect of training that everyone hated. It's boring, painful and it takes so long to get anywhere. I even overstretched while stretching, holding me back for ages. I was right to hate it! I'm Rocket Rod Millner – The Flexibility Whisperer and this is what I found! Research now suggests the main forms of stretching (static, dynamic, PNF) can result in minimal improvement in performance, or worse, impair performance and even increase the risk of injury. Of all the components of fitness, flexibility is the least studied. Whereas speed, strength and power training methods are advancing almost daily, flexibility hasn't had an improvement in methodology for over 70 years! Yoga is 5000 years old, its purpose is to gain enlightenment through spiritual practices but as a preparation to improve your performance in a dynamic sport, it's not ideal. Most muscle tears are caused by ‘Muscle Shock', when too much force is put through the muscle, usually in an untrained fully stretched position, Twang! Muscle Tear! Today's top athletes are like a precision-built Formula One car using bamboo springs. That Stops Today! Whereas the rest of the world has focused stretching for injury prevention, I have focused on developing flexibility methods to improve athletic performance. That subtle difference - ‘Improve Performance Focus'- is the key to a brand-new form of results-oriented flexibility training. By utilising the rules of the body, like Reciprocal Inhibition, strength training at full ranges of motion with focused mindfulness will garner instant results. I have a client who hadn't touched his toes in over 15 years. He even did yoga with his Fiancée' to try to improve his flexibility. Nothing helped. How long did it take me to get him to touch his toes? 60 Seconds!

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