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The Mum's Fitness Fun program engages a professionally qualified fitness trainer to run 3 classes, back to back, on a Friday, accommodating up to 6 women in each class. Each class has a specific focus such as Strength & Tone or Pilates. The cost for each sessions is a mere $9.00 - where else can you get personalised exercise classes for that kind of money! Toys are provided for the children while the class takes place. Children are in the same room as mums so can be seen at all times. Our amazing trainer Matt is used to having kids around and understands if you have to assist your child during the workout session.* ​ You will also be able to access advice regarding nutrition and motivating messages from Matt, our trainer, who will help you set and meet your own personal fitness goals whatever they may be. We cater to women of all shapes and sizes from the fit to the 'it's been 10 years...' - everyone is welcome. ​ *​Please note that you are responsible for the supervision and safety of your child all all times.

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