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Why choose Living Longer Younger Blueprint?

The LIVING LONGER YOUNGER BLUEPRINT is all about Living a Longer Life and Feeling Younger, everyday. It is a work in progress requiring you to make healthy daily choices. Consciously addressing your Lifestyle choices relating to your exercise, food choices, healthy habits, water intake, stress management and personal development. When your Body and Mind are performing more Efficiently, your are Happier. To best help you, I use Shiatsu-Do, a Japanese based bodywork treatment therapy combining both Eastern and Western diagnosis and treatment techniques. Simply speaking it's like acupuncture without the needles. Combine Eastern energy medicine with postural integration, muscle balancing, energy meridians and fascia manipulation and we have Shiatsu-Do. Each treatment combines diagnosis and treatment to create long term physical, mental and emotional balancing. I also integrate Cranio-SacraI therapy and Bodydynamic Massage, Cupping and Magnetic therapy to optimise your long term benefits. I treat all age groups from Babies to Seniors for improved Wellbeing. I also work strategically with Athletes sports injury management to speed recovery, improve sleep and enhance performance helping you to perform Better, Stronger, Faster and Longer. The mind plays an essential role in the physical optimum capabilities of the body and we cannot separate these essential functions. With regular treatments you will feel an improved sense of Wellbeing so start smiling today!

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