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ARE YOU TRYING ALL THE RIGHT THINGS BUT NOT GETTING RESULTS? DO YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO BUT JUST DON'T DO IT? We get it – there is so much information out there about what is the best approach to health, which leads to conflicting ideas and information. It can be very overwhelming! Have you ever noticed that a certain way of eating works for some people, but not all people? That one way of exercise is great for some, but exhausting for others. How about the fact that some people are night owls and others are early risers? The problem is NOT your willpower or knowing what to do – the problem is trying to squeeze yourself into a one-size-fits-all model that simply doesn't work for everyone. Just like your fingerprint, no one else on this planet is exactly like you. No one has the same genes as you, and we all operate in different environments, with different experiences, and different wants and needs. Our genes express in different ways throughout our lives and what works best for us as a 7 year old compared to a 70 year old is very different. And it's not just with FOOD and EXERCISE, it's CLIMATE, SEASON, SOCIAL LIFE, SLEEP, STRESS and many other lifestyle factors that influence how you feel, look and perform.

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