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CROSSFIT ENVISAGE CrossFit is focused on "constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement". Everyday is different and focuses on different movements, skills and strengths. CrossFit workouts are designed to help you achieve any fitness goal, whether that is becoming more fit, improving athletic ability, challenging your mind and body to learn a new skill, or improving overall health and wellness. Combining Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics, powerlifting, plyometrics, body-weight exercise, running and much more, this program will challenge you and teach you new skills, whilst improving your strength, cardiovascular and muscular endurance. FUNCTIONAL SWEAT THERAPY Functional Sweat Therapy is founded on the model of functional training, which is training that attempts to mimic the specific physiological demand of real-life activites. Suitable for people from all backgrounds and fitness levels this program works to improve your strength, cardio fitness, functional movement, core and stability. It is a proven way to slow down the effects of age-related muscle atrophy and ignificantly decrease risk of injury. By adding even just 2-3 days of functional strength training a week, you should see improvements in your ability to perform everyday activities. OPEN GYM If you can't make the class times, or like to play your own music loud, the gym is open for you to train. You can follow the program for the day or do your own thing. We provide a safe, equipment packed space for you to complete your workout or come in and practice skills, lift some weights or complete a mobility/stretch session to complement your training.

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