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We believe that when you choose to move your body, be it CrossFit, running, weightlifting, yoga, or gymnastics (and the list can go on), you're choosing to live longer, healthier lives, both mentally and physically. At CrossFit Bounce we further believe that a person's fitness journey is marked with extreme highs and lows that defines the word “Bounce.” When you embrace and own the road is not a perfect straight line, that it's constant change in a lifelong process, you are better able to direct these highs and lows toward an overall progression towards your personal goals. The definition of CrossFit is easily found with a simple internet search. What you rarely find in those descriptions is that CrossFit will at some point challenge your fears and your personal demons. CrossFit Bounce's supportive community and excellent spot-on coaching will empower you to face those fears. Your “I can'ts” become “I think I can,” to “I'll try,” to “I DID”. They don't tell you that CrossFit will strengthen you mentally so that you'll no longer put limitations on yourself and actually aim higher than you ever thought you could because you'll start to believe in yourself and your innate abilities. At Bounce, we have created and facilitate an environment where scaling and modifying the WOD (Workout Of the Day) is appropriate for beginner and intermediate athletes. Rx workouts (WODs exactly as written) are carefully prescribed to those with more experience who demonstrate proper mechanics and proficiency of movements, when we know they're capable of safely handing the weights and skills within the workouts. Intensity is the key to weight loss, dropping body fat, increasing muscle mass and making performance gains. It's when your workouts are appropriately tailored to you and scaled to your ability, that you achieve optimal intensity. Our programming in combination with our excellent coaching and our amazing community is what makes the Bounce difference and your path to fitness a successful one.

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