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Why choose Cosnett Training Systems?

Here at CTS we don't do things like a regular gym or personal training studio. When you get started with us you don't just come in and exercise. You are taking the first step to life changing results. Let me walk you through the process. First you come in for your initial consult where we: - Dig deep and discover the true goals you want to achieve with your training, and why you want to achieve them​​​​​. - Go over your previous training and exercise history​​​​​. - Look at your current nutrition from what you eat, how many meals per day, the levels of protein carbs and fats present, how much water you drink, tea, coffee and other drinks consumed and meals out.​​​​​ - Go over other lifestyle habits and factors such as sleep, energy levels at different times of the day, and when you exercise. At this point you jump on our Global Bodies body composition scanner which basically tells us what your body is made up of. Muscle mass, body fat, bone mass, water etc. With this info we can see exactly what your starting point is and can now set an accurate target of where you can expect to get to in the next 4, 8, 12, or more weeks. When you know exactly where you are going it makes it much easier to get there. Nutrition and Structural Balance Now we know your body composition and where you want to get to we can create the nutrition plan that will get you there. In the nutrition session we create YOUR master plan based off your body composition scan, goals and current nutrition. Your plan is easy to follow and laid out simply so you can stick to it. After the nutrition we go into the structural balance assessment where we do a few simple tests that allow us to see: - Muscles that are weak relative to others​​​​​ - Muscles that are too tight​​​​​ - Overactive muscles​​​​​ - Underactive muscles​​​​​ - Any postural issues you have Fixing these structural imbalances allows you to move better, feel better, reduce the chance of injury and even clear up old injuries that are still hanging around. Using the info from the structural balance your coach will create your first program ready to go for training. Now all that's left to do is train, put in the work and let the gains and transformation begin.

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