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28 Pilot Court
Mermaid Waters

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My name is Cassy, With more than 20 years engaging in the fitness industry , I have been an actively providing fitness and swim training for over 15 years. I believe that mental and physical confidence does not come through perceptions of the 'perfect' physique, my mantra is 'Training is a journey, not a destination.' Throughout my life's ups and downs I have held on to fitness training as the best remedy and therapist for those challenging times. My training strategy is to get you to enjoy training with a non judgemental approach that is fun and will get you laughing at yourself whilst you become more mentally astute and physically aware. My specialties are boxing and kick pad (fitness with combinations, not pro fighting), Abs, bums and thighs and specific training for women's bodies in their 40's, and beyond. Outdoor, with a matt, keep it all simple or I can do a home visit.

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